About me....


My name is Andy Fussell and I'm a photographer living in Christchurch, New Zealand. I specialise in landscape, nature, travel, commercial and more recently, aerial photography.

My passion for photography began directly out of high school and has progressed throughout the years as I, and my photography, have grown. 

As much as I loved learning my photography through the film era there something much more liberating about the digital photography era and above all else, the extra time it allows to be out doing what I enjoy the most…..being on an adventure and making great images.

In order to get some of the colourful images that you see on my portfolio, I use filtration in the form of Lee Filters neutral density graduates, a Heliopan polariser and/ or a Lee Filters neutral density filter. The richness of colours you see are first and foremost derived from the time of day I love to shoot, dawn and dusk.

As a student in the Fujifilm Velvia days, I enjoy richness in my photos or conversely, absolutely none in the form of monochrome. Living in this incredible country that I do, Im blessed with a bountiful range of subjects that are never too far away. As my work is used for a diverse range of uses I like to keep my equipment up to date and I use gear of the highest calibre to benefit both myself and my clients.

Like many photographers Ive expanded and changed systems through my journey. I have had both Nikon and Canon systems over the years. The latter serving me extremely well for many years. As of late though my desire for the best sensors and lenses has led me to explore the the Sony FE system which I have totaled embraced now. I utilize a full Sony A7RII 42 megapixel system with both Zeiss and Canon lenses and Ive recently added the supremely good Sony RX1rII with Zeiss Sonnar 35mm F2 lens. The files from both cameras are sublime and unmatched by any other brand currently….

Of late I have added a professional level drone to my system for aerial imaging purposes which I cant wait to expand my portfolio with. The art is a constant learning process and there is always something new to discover!

Ansel Adams 1902 - 1984

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”

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